About Us

The conviction that a better mouse trap exists and must be found drives our passion. Our findings were, unfortunately, that the envisaged mouse trap we require did not even exist.

No fear, we have developed the first tier solutions and will continue with development until the last mouse has been trapped.

The buying public, adviser clients and the advisers all benefit from the solutions that are developed and are offered online for convenience and ease of completion.

The participants in the process were carefully selected to add real value to all. The solutions offered are unique, good idea solutions but often hard to find – until now.

Regular visits and subscribing to the newsletter is highly recommended to keep you updated on each new development, innovation and breaking news.

Deon Hattingh is the leader and a Certified Financial Planner® and columnist for The Star newspaper, Workplace edition, and author of several eBooks on personal and business financial management. He is an innovator and established the process, procedures, solutions and products for this website and others (growbusiness; insureme; howtomakesense) – contracting with the partners below that offer the necessary skills to achieve the completeness of the solution offered here.

He has 35 years’ experience in all classes of insurance, investments, pensions and health and brings the wealth of knowledge and solutions to a keen and eager consumer, helping them find solutions they did not even know existed, applying it to everyday life needs.

Charmaine van Wyk is a Compliance Officer and member of the Compliance Institute of SA. She is the developer of online compliance and regulation systems for download of draft policies; and, offering subscribing members the cloud storage solutions to ensure compliance and fulfilment to all appropriate acts at all times, as appropriate for regulation of conduct between businesses and the consumers.

Lynette Hattingh is a trainer and compliance officer and author of most of the training materials used in the financial services and banking industry today, including the compilation of training materials for fulfilment of company policies as per legislative requirements.

Kristy Carr is a qualified attorney who now focuses her abilities on all kinds of professional, directors’ and officers’ liability and indemnity exposure and solutions. Her continuous research of acts of law will keep members updated as communicated through the regular newsletters.