Education and life insurance

cherries-palesCherries for our loved ones

The moment we are no longer single we start to think about the well being of our cherished ones: leaving them enough to invest and provide an income; and, to get the young ones through school and university even if we are not there to enjoy the events.

Life insurance now becomes important. Fortunately I started some provision when I bought my first bowl of cherries.

Education insurance provider is attached to more life insurance; needed to pay off cars, houses, debts and to provide an income that families have.

Do not forget to add more to ensure an income for the family (cash to the value of about 150 times the monthly income needed after debts are subtracted)

After all debts are settled the Education provider will continue paying all fees and costs for schooling, if you die or are disabled, all the way up to tertiary level. AND our gifted child may even qualify to go to Yale or Harvard – paid for!


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